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As a result of the many intertwining strands of fun, obligation, entertainment and pain currently afoot in our lives, this is late by a month now. I'm determined, however, to get this up before the next holiday, so I'll be brief (too late, I know). As Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, we made the rounds Halloween week. On Tuesday, I picked Christina up from work, where we changed into costume in the Teachers' Lounge before darting out to the car. [caption id="attachment_150" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Before our failed attempt at sneaking out undetected.[/caption] We were not quite fast enough to avoid being spotted by one of her students, who later noted that I had shut my cape in the door. Quite embarrassing, but, then, my garments generally hew much closer to my form than that. The Zeta Game Night consisted primarily of Bingo, Chips and Dip. I was much better at the Chips & Dip than I was at Bingo. Being both the youngest and male-est p