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I've only ever really worn two bits of what might be considered jewelry : a watch of some sort, since middle school at least, and a wedding band, for most of the time since about the turn of the century. Neither, however, sports any actual jewels. I've recently added another piece to my daily parure : Crafted of titanium, to match my watch and ring, the top bears my name and the eye-catching red Star of Life, along with eight syllables that have come to be more worrisome than anything so terse and explicable as mere "brain surgery." Malignant Hyperthermia , sensibly abbreviated MH, is a rather logical nomenclature for the condition. It's malignant , i.e., potentially deadly; a thermia , a condition concerning temperature; that temperature being hyper- , in this case meaning elevated . It's plain to see, then, that with this condition, I could somehow get hot enough to endanger my life; to be specific, when anesthetized with certain gasses. Which I of course di