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I Want To Ride It Where I Like: Update

It's been four weeks since I halved the number of wheels I commute on, and I'm still having fun. Though the mercury has climbed a bit, I've hewed close to my 4 out of 5 days cycling routine, and fought back against the heat with more breathable shorts and a trunk to tote my work clothes in. I'm even considering a move to an earlier workward ride in order to avoid the increasingly warm, muggy mornings. I've learned a few lessons along the way, too. Among them the ill-suitedness of sidewalks to cycling, as they are designed for moseying legs and feet, not spinning wheels. That lesson came from a lamppost at the cost of a headlight and a bruised shoulder and hip. Also, I've found that I am not very aerodynamic, the corollary of which is that headwinds are a bitch. That lesson came from a blustery cool front at the cost of dirty looks from two turds in a fart-canned Civic and two very, very sore legs. And then there's the gear: sweet, life-affirming gadgetry! A