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Halloween Man Christmas Special, by Drew Edwards, James Figueiredo, and Kevin Richardson

Fred Rogers counseled that, in times of tragedy, one should always look  for the  helpers as evidence that all goodness is not lost, nor in vain. Drew Edwards’ Solomon Hitch and Dr. Lucy Chaplin are just such heroes. As Halloween Man, Solomon doesn’t patrol the streets fighting crime, journey toward a goal or away from danger, or planet-hop in search of adventure. He’s  beholden to no overarching mission, working in service of no agenda more elaborate than fixing the problem at hand. Lucy’s science may be a bit on the mad side, but it’s usually on the problem-solving end of things rather than stirring them up. Trouble seems to find them, delivered either directly by the troublemakers themselves or by those desperate enough to turn to Solar City’s creepiest and brightest for help. Fairy Tale,  the first story in  The Halloween Man Christmas Special  (available, for now, exclusively on  comiXology ) ,  finds Halloween Man called to the bedside of the freshly departed Max Kilgour, only