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This new year seems intent on sticking around for a while, so I'm trying to get comfortable with the 7. The 6 was just so nice, easy to write or type, but the 7 is up on the top row of the number pad, far from the 0 and 2. Alas! You may have heard, as those I've told have all manner of communications at their disposal, that I have a new job. Not a promotion per se ; in fact, I have a smaller "office" with no window and no weekly VPN day. I am, however, back in a field that I know fairly well: Geographic Information Systems. I'm a GIS Technician, working to improve First American Flood's ability to automate determinations. I hope this change will in turn make other plans and events easier to deal with. One of those other plans is to continue my education. Sure, every day is a new lesson in its own right, but a more directed and formal discipline would probably get me further. I've long been interested in libraries, having done a quite bit of work for and in