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Merry Christmas 2006

Treasured Family & Friends: This has been a year of milestones; although, it's all the little things that make it complete. After not quite a year of marriage, we finally worked in a honeymoon--a tropical vacation in March during Spring Break. Greater Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida as well as Nassau, Bahamas endured an exploration and thorough retail scouring. Our culinary horizons expanded a bit more to encompass the wonders of the plantain (in chip form), the conch (cracked), and other Floridian, Bahamanian, and Cuban tastiness. Following a stressful Spring semester and a languorous summer, we once more moved Christina's classroom, this time into the midst of the English department. Once again team teaching for one out of six class blocks with the capable Colleen Frerichs, Christina judiciously applies newfangled technology to the task of bringing literature both ancient and recent to the seemingly intractable mind of the modern freshman. Russell's Spring was als