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Sleepover Party

Having been left waterless last night, we headed down to Mom & Dad's to crash after dinner. It's a good thing we did; upon returning this morning, we found that the flow had still not been returned. That would have made for a very unpleasant morning routine. Thanks Mom & Dad!

But Not Now

This just in, literally, as it was shoved through the doorframe as I sit here in the twilight...the water is off! Apparently, there's a break in the main, so no vital-for-survival H2O us for a bit (update: the guy who came to shut off the water heater breaker says 4-5 hours hopefully). Oy!

Potty Humor

When put on the spot today at Toastmasters, I responded (shudder) honestly. "Where do you do your thinking?" they asked. Any who know me well likely knows very well where I ponder life's imponderables. It's also good place to read, and, in a pinch, brush your teeth.


I made an apple pie a few nights ago, using a leftover crust from another project and 3 apples that had been sitting about for a couple weeks. I was surprised at how decent it turned out; I may look into other fruit-type pies soon, if only to expand my pie repetoire beyond the evil-but-simple brownie pie.

Refugee Update

Angela has returned to the Austin area, and somehow suckered me into box-moving duty. Look for her at a school of massage therapy and perhaps even a Whole Foods near you.

Toastmasters Update

Last Wednesday (the 21st for those following along at home), I competed in the Area M31 Toastmasters Speaking Contest. I placed 3rd in Table Topics, despite a darn funny exposition on what I would do if given all the money in the world. It seems, though, that the judges enjoyed the sincerity of my opponents. No accounting for taste, I suppose...

More Updates

See spiffy pics of my star-gazin' gear in the astro section! Read a brief history of Geography and Me in geo ! Indulge my frail ego! Go look!

Serentiy Now

I just finished issue 3 of Dark Horse's Serenity comic, a story to fill the gap between the end of Firefly and the new Serenity movie, coming out September 30. VERY good stuff, highly recommended for filling in the gaps, as well as typically great writing from Joss Whedon, et al.

New Stuff

Linked at the top of this page, you'll find the new pictorials page of this news section, featuring photos from our nuptials this past April. More stuff to come.

Bluegrass Junction

XM, despite my fundamental objections to actually paying for radio, really does assemble great playlists from a broad variety of genres, most of which I never hear on terrestrial commercial stations.


I'm contemplating a two-wheeled transport of some sort. Perhaps this . Suitably industrial. Maybe.