We've expanded our legion of carved pumpkin-like hollow foam decorations by 75% this year, fielding seven such orange lanterns. The grizzly creations line the path from the sidewalk to our door, in such shapes as a vague impression of a human skull, an angry cyclops, an unnatural abomination wrought by the new Prometheus, a kittycat, and a trio of traditionally styled faces displaying the expressions Happy, Angry, and Scared Shitless.


The great shame, though, is that while they are to be lit from within by the latest in flickery LED technology, they will also be lit from without by the latest in motion-sensing, mood-killing, bright-ass floodlights from not one, but at least FOUR sources that I can think of. Safety factor: eleventy-bajillion; Spooky quotient: zero. It does make me a bit sad for the kiddoes who won't know the tinge of terror from walking up a long, dark drive, with only the hint of a lit pumpkin or two to suggest that there might be candy to be had at the door, and no guarantee that older kids wouldn't frighten the hell out of you before you got there. Okay, that never happened to me because mom & dad escorted us around the block every year, but the fact is it could have, and that's what's important, right?

Anyhow, we've almost got our costumes together, and many photos of our coordinated getups shall follow. Well, as many as Christina will allow me to take.

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