This new year seems intent on sticking around for a while, so I'm trying to get comfortable with the 7. The 6 was just so nice, easy to write or type, but the 7 is up on the top row of the number pad, far from the 0 and 2. Alas!

You may have heard, as those I've told have all manner of communications at their disposal, that I have a new job. Not a promotion per se; in fact, I have a smaller "office" with no window and no weekly VPN day. I am, however, back in a field that I know fairly well: Geographic Information Systems. I'm a GIS Technician, working to improve First American Flood's ability to automate determinations. I hope this change will in turn make other plans and events easier to deal with.

One of those other plans is to continue my education. Sure, every day is a new lesson in its own right, but a more directed and formal discipline would probably get me further. I've long been interested in libraries, having done a quite bit of work for and in them, on both side of the circulation desk. Christina has caught the eye of her campus' library staff, and even has a bit of a pedigree of librarianship. The notion we've hit upon is to go to grad school together at UT's College of Library and Information Science. She'll be looking to get a master's in order to be a school librarian, and I'm still considering which field I'm most interested in, although archives is an early frontrunner. This year will see us writing applications and pestering contacts for recommendations. 2008 will hopefully see us in the classroom together.

There is one other thing afoot that's newsworthy, if not quite as pleasant as other developments. Over the past six months or so, I've occasionally experinced strange periods of disorientation. They last no more than a minute, but during those seconds, my thoughts are jumbled, my vision brightens, my body sometimes tingles strangely, and I often wind up with a headache. I've had an MRI, an EEG and a CT scan; after the first of those three, I was told there is a lesion or mass on the left parietal lobe of my brain. Tomorrow I go for a follow-up appointment to see just what all this means in practical terms. I will be requesting the digital files that resulted from my time served in a tube/coated with goo/being moved lewdly through a high-tech doughnut, so come back soon for real live images of this crud in my head.

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