My favorite season. Nature, all about me, perishing. Stupid trees and grasses that vexed me with pollen in the Spring will soon go dormant. Annoying insects will die. A blanket of cool air will settle over the land and make it the best version of itself, with outdoor temperatures finally low enough to permit exploration.

Here at home, the A/C is off, and the windows are open. The cool breezes are welcomed in, ironically bringing with them the sound of the A/C units of our fellow apartment dwellers. It's especially pleasant at night. The coolness of the night atmosphere is qualitatively different from that of the refrigerated air we tolerate in the summer. It feels, for lack of a better word, right. There's also something special about sleeping with only a screen seperating you from the outer darkness. Or, as it is here in the suburbs, outer semidarkness. I don't think there's a spot outdoors within two or three miles where a body won't find itself somehow artificially illuminated at any hour of the night. In the exurban spaces, though, only the errant photons eminating or reflected from distant bodies occupy the visible wavelengths and taint the dark.

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