Going Places

Having lived in the Austin area for practically my entire life, there are few local areas about which I know absolutely nothing. Today I ticked another one of them off my list, but not on purpose. At long last, we had a weekend day not encumbered with demands from work or other duties, so we spent the day running errands. Among these errands was a stop at Wood's Fun Center to explore the world of motorcycle gear. However, coming northon IH-35, I wasn't certain which exit to take, so I planned on doubling back after we passed it. Taking the Yeager Ln, exit, I decide to zag where I should have zigged (that is, right to find a "back way" to our destination, as opposed to left to get on the souothbound access road) and found myself in unfamiliar territory, which grew more unfamiliar with every turn. Every time we turned west, the road lead east, not to mention further south. By the time I grew frustrated enough to pull out the handy Mapsco map book, we had wandered almost all the way south to US 290 East!

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